Message from Students Vol.3

Pankratova Snezhanna

School of Foreign Studies (Bachelor’s year 1) Ryazan State University, Russia

 I have a passion for languages, so my decision to study abroad came from the will to be fluent in the languages I learn. When I was in my third year studying Japanese at the university I felt my language ability was enough to get the most of my study abroad. So I applied for MEXT scholarship and arrived in Japan the following year. There are several reasons why I chose Osaka University.

 First, it is a good place to complete my major. My interests lie in foreign language education and bilingual studies. In Osaka University, there is an excellent research base on the topic, most of the conferences in the field are also held here. Second, Osaka University is one of the largest and most famous universities in Japan. Third, it is a very international place.  It is hard to describe all the excitement at the new and amazing experience you get when you meet students from so many other countries. Osaka University has an association of foreign students, which does many activities, including camping and mountaineering. The University has host family programs and it organizes trips with reasonable cost for foreign students. There is also a wide range of clubs, from wind surfing and plane operating to sign language. 

 Finally, the place is very convenient and safe to live.  I am planning to continue studying the psychology of second language acquisition and I am hoping to contribute to the development of foreign language teaching methods to make learning meet the needs of every student.  In Japan you can find very welcoming learning atmosphere. I wish you to get the most of your studying here.  The country boasts many excellent universities and I wish you to find the university that best suits your needs. I have found mine.