Message from Students Vol.2

Samantha Connop

Graduate School of Science (Master’s year 1) University of Manchester, United Kingdom

 I have always wanted to travel and live abroad.  An interest in Japanese language and culture as an undergraduate student in the UK led me to pursue graduate study in Japan.  Osaka University is one of the most highly regarded educational institutes in Japan.  In addition to its prestigious reputation, Osaka University is situated in Japan’s vibrant cultural centre.  Before deciding to study abroad in Japan, I was faced with the financial difficulty of how to fund my Masters.  However, I was able to receive financial support from both the Japanese government and from Osaka University during my stay here.  Without this help, I would have been unable to follow my dream.

 In the Department of Biological Science, I am studying the mechanisms of left-right asymmetry formation in ascidian embryos in the Laboratory of Developmental Biology.  Here, I am able to devise and perform my own experiments and collaborate with other researchers on an international scale.  In the future I hope that I can continue my research in developmental biology, and continue to work and live in a variety of countries around the world.  Undoubtedly, my experiences as a Masters student in Japan will contribute immensely to achieving this goal.  Through my academic field, wide-ranging networks between professors and laboratories, and educational background, it is now possible to continue a successful career anywhere in the world.  Not only have I gained sound academic knowledge at Osaka University, I have also been exposed to a culture and language that has taught me more than I could ever learn in the classroom.