English Summer School for Japanese Postgraduate Students

Jan. 1, 2016, 12:05 a.m.

The English Summer School for Japanese Postgraduate Students - 15-26 August, 2016

Duration:            40 hours over 2 weeks.

Audience:            Japanese Masters, Research Masters, PhD and Post Docs.

Course content

There is really only one way to learn how to do something and that is to do it. The English Summer School taught by the Language Centre of Groningen University has been specially designed for Japanese post graduate students who need to improve their skills in academic writing, giving presentations in English and improving skills in intercultural competence.

A carefully designed 40-hour programme over a two-week period, delivered by excellent English speaking staff ensures a learning experience of the highest quality. In relaxed and inspiring small group sessions you will improve your English level quickly and effectively while gaining confidence. You will notice that your ability to communicate in both oral and written English becomes more natural.

Our highly qualified and dedicated teachers aim to ensure that you learn as much as possible in a short time. They are there to help you reach your full potential and do that by guiding you, supporting you, encouraging you and giving you feedback. Effective modern teaching techniques are used to create interesting, enjoyable and active lessons. In addition to task-based and self-study materials which are provided in each class and through a specially designed tailor made online site, you will also have access to computer labs and the University Library.

Course components

Academic Writing (18 contact hours) This course will focus on language input (vocabulary, grammatical accuracy) and will additionally cover coherence, paper organization, and academic conventions, including referencing standards.

Academic Presentations (18 contact hours) The presentation element of the course investigates the skills necessary for a successful academic presentation.

Intercultural Competence (4 contact hours) The Intercultural Competence component of the Summer School will look at some specific culture differences between the Dutch and the Japanese, using each other’s insights to develop a better sense of the other, while at the same time working to develop a number of skills associated with Intercultural Competence in general.

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