Osaka University European Alumni Association - Membership Notice

Nov. 20, 2014, midnight - Nov. 20, 2015, midnight

With the support of this center, we are looking for Osaka University alumni members living in Europe.

Osaka University has established overseas offices based in San Francisco (USA), Groningen (Netherlands), Bangkok (Thailand) and Shanghai (China). One of the centers’ missions is to support the alumni activities in each region. After the alumni associations in North America, Bangkok, Shanghai were established, the European association was set up in 2011.

On June 18th 2011, the first Osaka University European alumni event was held in Berlin, Germany. On that day, a total of 71 people participated including alumni members and university representatives as well as companions; it was a very lively gathering. Please click here for more details. After the Berlin alumni meeting, other events were held in the following regions; Milan, Groningen, Paris and London.

Although the current membership status of the Osaka University European Alumni Association is approx. 270 people with around 220 members currently residing in Europe, we are always striving to increase those numbers. Graduates from Osaka University and the former Osaka University of Foreign Studies including all stakeholders - we encourage you to join and look forward to your membership!

If you decide to become a member of the alumni association, we would like to thank you in advance for providing necessary information on the membership registration forms.