Message from the Center

The European Centre in Groningen was opened in 2005 as an overseas centre for Osaka University. Since then, we have organised exclusive activities for Osaka University’s staff and students, and collected and promoted information about research and education in Europe.

The European Centre promotes several opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students interested in studying in Europe in the future. The Groningen-based Appetizer Programme is our short-term language course which focusses on academic writing and presentation sklills. For graduate students, programmes such as the International Training Programme (ITP) and the Industrialised Countries Instrument–Education Cooperation Programme (ICI–ECP) support students studying in Europe and promote our activities to European students interested in studying in Japan.

As for staff, we not only support the research they are doing in the Netherlands, but we also help organise collaborative symposia, study meetings and workshops. Working together with partner institutions in Europe, we also investigate ways to further deepen relationships to make the most out of the inter-faculty and inter-university agreements - we fully support and actively develop new programmes. One of the European Centre’s most important roles is to support Osaka University’s alumni in Europe.

Groningen is a university town located in the north of the Netherlands. The university, which is located right in the city centre, was established in 1614 and is the second oldest in the country after Leiden University. The relationship between the two institutions began when Groningen’s Professor Christiaan Ermerins was invited to attend the opening of Naniwakari Hospital and its medical school; Osaka University’s former Medical Department. Since then, our friendship has been maintained, and we continue to support each other’s activities.

Geographically, Groningen is not in the centre of Europe. However, it is only approx. 2 hours away by train/bus from international hub airports such as Amsterdam in the Netherlands, and Bremen in Germany so it is a convenient place from which to access other parts of Europe. Please feel free to use our European Centre as an extension of Osaka University. There is now a direct flight from Groningen to London!

Fostering Partnerships with Leading Universities in Europe 

Every year, Osaka University European Center for Academic Initiatives participates in study abroad fairs held to promote Osaka University’s exchange programs such as FrontierLab@OsakaUOUSSEP, Maple and J-Ship etc..

Working with the Osaka University Alumni Association of Europe (OUAAE)

As the secretariat of the Osaka University Alumni Association of Europe (OUAAE), Osaka University European Center for Academic Initiatives assists OUAAE in holding the annual alumni meeting, board meeting, and special lecture and reception every year.  Besides event support, we manage alumni member lists (both general and regional) and encourage regional alumni to have local alumni reunions. 

For more information about our alumni activities and registration, please see the OUAAE website.

Publicity and Other Activities

Osaka University European Center for Academic Initiatives visits local high schools in Europe to promote the Osaka University G30 Programs including:

The Chemistry-Biology Combined Major program (BS/BE)

Human Sciences International Undergraduate Degree Program (BSc)

We encourage European highschool students to apply for the undergraduate degree programs in English.

Osaka University now offers eight programmes taught in English at the graduate level:

The Special Integrated Science Course (MS/Ph.d.)

The International Physics Course (MS/Ph.d.)

Biotechnology Global Human Resource Development Program

Engineering Science 21st Century Program (MS/Ph.d.)

International Program of Maritime and Urban Engineering

The Quantum Engineering Design Course

Information Technology Special Course

The Chemical Science Program